Muthiara's Culinary Delights

The volcano Gunung Api

Dila is an amazingly good cook. Considered by many to be the finest cook on the islands her mouth watering culinary specialties are based on traditional Indonesian and colonial cuisine to which she added the colorful flavor of Banda’s native spices creating a unique blend of flavors found no where else in the world. Each dinning experience is lovingly prepared from the freshest ingredients and home made delicacies.

These are not the typical Asian dishes where spices assault your taste buds in a brutal fashion that leaves you gasping for a glass of cold water. Her mastery is such that each flavor is delicately blended to provide an exceptionally pleasant culinary experience. Where a typical breakfast might consist of an omelet with Dila’s special toast or pancakes along with home made cream cheese and fresh ground coffee or tea; dinners are always multi plate affaires lavishly presented from the sideboard with seconds – or even thirds – encouraged. Dila feels it is her duty as a hostess to make sure you gain weight during your stay. With her cooking and constant stream of “goodies” - you will. If you like to cook Dila is always ready to share her recipes, many of which have helped make Mutiara Guest House famous among travelers who truly enjoy the art of delightful dining.