Visit the original spice islands


Nutmeg in the Banda Islands
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)

The Banda Islands are a journey into a history so vibrant that it still resonates throughout the worlds greatest cultures. Chinese, Arab, and Indian merchants traded with these islands for thousands of years before the European search for the fabled spice islands launched the expeditions of Magellan, Columbus, and others. Learn more about Banda's amazing past »

In the finest colonial tradition the comfortable rooms, nutmeg gardens, and exquisite cuisine of the Mutiara Guest House » create a charming atmosphere that insures your visit is as enjoyable as the islands themselves. Speaking English and German your host happily shares knowledge of his islands, his people, and their colorful past while your hostess never stops preparing culinary delights » Together they create an ambiance to relax in and enjoy all the islands have to offer.

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